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Directors:  Bradley Pontecore

Screenwriter:  Bradley Pontecore

Genre:  Documentry

The mis-adventures of an American Punk Rock band self-destructing on the road,

as the country takes sides during the fall of 2016.

Starring: Ian Tomele, Jakob Smith, Vinnie Dinwiddie

Music By:  Naked Raygun, Pegboy, Local H & More...


sugarmoma7 July 2018

"About a month ago I had the opportunity to see PUNK BAND at a screening in Ct. and fell in love with it. You don't have to love punk or the band to enjoy this movie but it'll help! And there's some great music on this soundtrack."  READ MORE

stiffman11 June 2018

"This is not your average music documentary, but more of a snippet in time of a band, trying to make it on the road. The movie gives a vivid, real life perspective on what its really like to live hard on the road, and the effect it has on the relationships between members of a band."  READ MORE

aimeeworley197926 July 2018

"If you're a fan of punk rock or just a fan of music in general, this is a MUST SEE!!!"  READ MORE

blickjagger21 July 2018

"If you've ever been in a band and played on the road for a few weeks, this is going to hit home with you. Being away from home changes people and this is a raw look into that."  READ MORE

kubrickfluffer19 July 2018

"From the advice of my daughter I rented this film on Vimeo and I've gotta say, nice job. I'm a punk from back in the day and this was a great trip back in time for me. We had this same band. Total Deja Vu. So weird."  

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